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The Original Music of Aaron L Novak

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The Silence Club's NEW Digital ALBUM: Vol. 1

All Proceeds go towards the Second Album.


1. The Shadows                                           Recorded 2017 Ghost Coast Productions 

2. Chasing Paper                                        Tijuana, MX / SD, USA

3. Throw it Away

4. One and Only                                    

5. The Devil Told Me Your Name                All Instruments, Vocals:  

6. The Frozen Ocean                                   Aaron L. Novak          

7. Theodore the Rabbit                                Percussion: (The Shadows, Throw it Away)

8. Harry the Ghost                                      Zach Crawford

9. The Paratrooper

10. Ballad of an Alien

11. Demise of the Farmer

12. Box of Bones

13. Hey there Sleepy Eyes                             Contact:


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